Erica M. Benavides, Founder of Pinnacle Music Marketing, did not start out in the music industry...she married into it. 

When she met her husband, Ray Colao, she knew little of how band's started, functioned, and thrived. Erica was an Economic Development Officer who  had spent twelve years prior in Development.  She knew how to raise millions of dollars. She knew how to develop under-served communities. But she did not know music...

The one thing she did know was that she wanted her husband to do what he loved and be valued for it. 

Five years later, Erica and her husband had a thriving music business that taught musicians how to create and manage their businesses. By using methodologies she had tested in other industries and modifying them for the music industry, her  husband's band began booking for TEN TIMES their original rate.

Erica, her husband Ray, and the Pinnacle team believe that their marketing and public relations strategies work.  They have seen it draw audiences. And, most importantly, they have seen musical artists make a living doing what they love.  Erica is also the Founder of The Pinnacle Development Group---helping cities, businesses, and non-profit organizations create and implement effective and strategic solutions.  She is proudly married to Ray Colao and  is the  proud mother of six beautiful children.  


Ray Colao was born Raymundo Rodriguez in Boston Massachusetts. The son of Puerto Rican immigrants, Ray’s passion for music began as a child.  Local Boston musicians would frequent his father’s instrument repair shop and it stirred Ray’s interest in music. The musicians would arrive to pick up their instruments and testing would turn into full blown jam sessions that would last for hours. Ray plays Guitar, Piano, and Latin Percussion but is most known as a Vocalist and front man.

Ray arrived in San Antonio, TX in the summer of 2000 after serving proudly in the United States Army. Immediately upon arrival Ray began collaborating with local musicians and working the local music scene. Ray, and his band Colao, quickly gained a strong following along with an impressive corporate client list.  Over the last 19 years, Ray has had the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of musicians and perform at Corporate Galas, Fundraisers, Weddings and upscale events all over the U.S. 

Today Ray, and his wife Erica, head a team of professionals that focuses on the recruitment, training, marketing and booking of up and coming musicians. Ray is a strong advocate for local music and fair pay for musicians.  Ray is a proud United States Army Veteran and loves supporting organizations that help our veterans. Ray is happily married to Erica and is the proud father of six beautiful children.